Temperatures in Las Vegas, NV, reach above 70 degrees eight months of the year, cresting around 102 degrees in July and August. High temps mean that your AC unit works constantly and consumes lots of energy. Even though your existing equipment might still keep you comfortable, a new AC system can save you money and keep your checkbook comfortable, too. Here’s how.

Reduces Power Consumption

Half of the electricity costs for homeowners stem from their HVAC system. Anything you can do to reduce energy use makes sense. Three HVAC innovations help you reduce power consumption:

  • 2-stage Compressor. A traditional compressor has two levels: on and off. Each time your compressor turns on, it takes an enormous amount of power. A 2-stage compressor eliminates that power grab. Once a 2-stage compressor turns on, it stays on at a lower speed and automatically adjusts its output based on demand.
  • Variable Speed Motor. Variable speed motors in your air handler work similar to 2-stage compressors. Instead of turning on and continuously running full blast, variable speed motors gradually ramp up to the power level needed. As conditions in your home change, a variable-speed motor incrementally (and automatically) adjusts to maintain the temperature that your thermostat demands.
  • Smart thermostat. Smart thermostats and home automation allow you to control when you cool your home. You can raise and lower temperatures in different rooms based on use and program your AC based on your schedule. With Wi-Fi capability, you can make adjustments remotely based on changing weather conditions.

Are You Ready to Save Money with A New AC System?

A new AC unit is a significant investment, and we realize that it can be a little scary to your budget. With the 20 to 40 percent savings you’ll reap on electric bills, you’ll not only save money long-term, but you’ll also increase your family’s comfort.

If you’re ready to explore money-saving options, check out our AC installation services or call (702) 827-5253. Our technicians have the experience you need to make the right choice.

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