The condensate line is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your Henderson, NV, air conditioning system. AC coils collect moisture as a result of the refrigeration process, and this moisture goes through the line, out of your home and into the ground. Here’s why it’s important to inspect your condensate line for clogs.

What Happens With a Clog?

A clog in your condensate line will block the moisture from going anywhere. It will have nowhere to drain to and be stuck in the drain pan, which will eventually lead it to overflow.

Once the drain pan overflows, you could be facing damage in your home and damage to your air conditioning unit. The water can cause problems in your home’s drywall. It can also leak on to the unit causing a possible need for an air conditioning repair.

Condensate Line Clogs and Your Home

The moist condensate drain line creates the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. In addition to dust and debris that can accumulate, this creates blockage that raises the potential of facing leaks in your home due to a backup of moisture. This line needs to stay clear so that water can pass through it and drain into your yard.

Maintenance Prevents Clogs

It is important to have our professionals perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning system. Without regular maintenance, you could have a buildup that causes clogs. We can quickly remove the buildup of dust and debris during our annual checkup to prevent large buildups.

Contact Zen Aire Air Conditioning and Heating when you are in need of regular maintenance on your condensate line. You can prevent damage to your home and repairs of the air conditioning system.

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